Maladies Infectieuses Emergentes

Steering commitee

  • Henri Bergeron - Sciences Po Paris
  • François Bricaire - Pierre et Marie Curie University
  • Didier Che - Institute for Public Health Surveillance
  • Geneviève Chêne - Institute of Public Health
  • Jean-François Delfraissy - Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Institute
  • Jean-François Guégan -French Institute for Research in Developing Countries
  • Marion Le Tyrant - Research and Development Institute (PhD student)
  • Catherine Leport - Paris Diderot University
  • Jean-Claude Manuguerra - Pasteur Institute
  • Paul Martin - French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety)
  • Jean-Baptiste Meynard - French Military Health Services Division
  • Jocelyn Raude - School of Public Health
  • Sylvie Sargueil - MD, Reporter)
  • Patrick Zylberman - French School of Public Health

2016's EID Seminar

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